Magic Around the World


Magic is an expression of a primeval force known as the Weave, which touches every corner of existence and every plane with its power. From divine healing to a sorcerer’s fire, all magic draws from the Weave even if it passes through the conduits that are gods and other such powerful entities. Its rarity varies around the world.

Magic rules the Empire through its nobility, many of whom derive their power from pacts made with fiends, fey, and ancient entities. In Avalon and the western islands like Aldir, it is rarer, confined to schools of magic and clerical orders. In Inîthir, it is so prevalent that power suffuses even the air one breathes. In the Wild Reach, lone druids prowl the wilderness and primal shamans chant their invocations. In the east, ancient magics rule Din Eiden and powerful elementals bow to the whims of Rhayader and the Wyers. In the Nation of Sand, efreeti grant wishes and divine light illuminates the great city of In Salah.

Some items, places, creatures, and people all have magic at their disposal. From lowly beggars who have only mastered a single cantrip to the most ancient dragons, magic is a powerful tool and powerful master alike. It impresses itself on the world around it, acting as another force of nature to shape both the physical world and Fate itself to its purpose.

Magic Around the World

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