A Lost History

The Group Assembles

The story begins just outside the city of Morna on the beach.

Ashurbanipal, son of Esarhaddon and a prince of Marad, wakes up on the beach after being washed ashore along with the flotsam and jetsam from his shipwreck. Much of his gear is missing, stripped from his body. Kratos and Osborne “Nipper” Seamfinder come across him and begin a lively discussion regarding helping him, on their way to the city after being on the road for some time. Traveling in search of a way to bring honor to his clan, Daguras of Clan Ophinshtalajiir stumbles across him along with Dain BattleHammer. Jenji Cobblebottom arrives as well, newly sent forth from the monastery. The group make their introductions, but cut their conversation short as a storm rolls in.

From there, they travel to the Half Moon, an inn on the outskirts of Morna to carouse and generally have a good time as they get to know each other. Jenji, Daguras, and Nipper play their flutes and make enough money to cover the expense of their drinks, food, and rooms. Kratos notices a man watching them and a noblewoman across the room with suspicion. Nipper goes over to investigate and realizes the man is wearing chainmail under his clothes. He also is wearing a strange knife, a wave-bladed kris with a pommel of grey stone worked into the shape of an eye. Kratos and Daguras can recognize it as a scrying stone, that permits another to watch through the blade. They confront the man, who becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the pressing questions from Jenji and the others. When the woman their suspect was watching steps out of the inn into the rain, the man leaps up and goes out the door after her, shaking off the “HALT!” from Kratos.

Nipper darts out the back to find someone else has had the same idea right ahead of him: a cloaked figure with a similar knife is going around the back and fails to see the gnome rogue. Meanwhile, the rest of the group sans Dain (who is drunk) pursues the first man out into the storm and a fight ensues. Ashur shoots the man with the scrying dagger several times, killing him. Jenji and Daguras take on the hooded figure who rounded the corner, their attacks drawing horrible hisses from it as they do great damage to it. Nipper hits it from behind, killing it. The hooded assailant is revealed to be some kind of scarred, disfigured man with strange eyes. While the fight is going on, Kratos catches up to the woman, Aelia Metaxas, and persuades her to return to the inn with them. He claims the dagger with the eye after showing it to Nipper, both of them covering their faces to conceal their identities from the potential scryer.

Aelia is grateful for their help and requests that they accompany her to Morna. Night passes uneventfully at the inn and they get a good night’s rest before making their way to the city. She reveals little of why the men might have attacked her other than the fact that she is carrying someone’s correspondence. Nipper has worked on clothing for Ashur.

The group makes their way to the Solarium Magi, recovering Ashur’s beautiful robe from a drifter as they go. Aelia reveals that it was Lady T’voran‘s correspondence that she was carrying, and she goes to meet with the archmage. The group are able to obtain books and do some research. Daguras is able to translate part of the inscription on the blade as “something something Night Serpent”, in a language that resembles Draconic. Kratos’s inspection yields additional information: the blade is symbolic of a pact of some kind. A few minutes later, Kratos blanks out for a few seconds as he experiences a vision {contents are Kratos’s secret}.

Aelia offers the group a dinner at the end of the day in thanks once she returns from her meeting.

End of Session.


SaintCyr SaintCyr

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