Alias The City of Secrets
Region The Empire of Malanos
Size Metropolis
Demonym Mornan
Ruler House of Zaeharis
Races 67% Human, 12% Dwarf, 11% Elf, 7% Half Orc, 2% Halfling, 1% Tiefling

An ancient coastal city, Morna was once the seat of a power far older than the Empire that rules today. Destroyed and then essentially built over by the first Emperor, Morna has been inhabited in one way or another for a very long time. While the name of the civilization that initially built it has been lost to history, its secrets are purported to still exist, deep beneath the city in the dark and dangerous ruins that have become a home to the most undesirable elements of the Empire. In certain circles, Morna has a bad reputation as the birthplace of heretical cults, thief bands, and dark orders. To most, however, Morna is nothing more than a bustling haven for traders working their way up and down the western coasts.

Morna is a sprawling metropolis surrounding a deep, horseshoe-shaped harbor. Its narrow streets are filled with traders and artisans, but also mercenaries and soldiers moving back and forth between various campaigns or serving as guards for merchants. Divided into six wards, the city is nominally ruled by the House of Zaeharis, but its day-to-day affairs are generally handled by the supposedly less powerful merchant families that serve the Imperial nobility. It is a city of colors and light grey stone.

The Wards
Aeson’s Seat
The Hollows
The Iron Ward
The Living Ward
The Sea Ward
The Trade Ward


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